My Father's Negative by Elizabeth Ellenwood

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6_Ellenwood_Liz_My Father_s Negatives #1.jpg

My Father's Negative by Elizabeth Ellenwood


Elizabeth Ellenwood

My Father's Negatives #1

Found & printed 2018

Archival Pigment Print

12x18 on 13x19 Paper



Elizabeth Ellenwood received a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography from The New Hampshire Institute of Art in 2010. Since beginning her graduate degree at The University of Connecticut, her work has expanded into other fields. Her fascination with the ocean and the creatures who inhabit it has led to photography and video work on cephalopods and their defense mechanisms. The new experience of incorporating outside research into her photography practice has left her eager to pursue similar collaborations. One of her images from this series was awarded the 2018 Gloriana Gill Art Award in Photography from The University of Connecticut, and was published in the Long River Review Volume 21.

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